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Appendix : Catalogues Online

Note: The following list of 42 County Record Offices offers a sample of available catalogues and attempts to identify those with their own online. The alternative of A2A is offered where no online catalogue appears to be available. I am indebted to many patient archivists who have helped in the compilation of this list, with apologies to those where an online catalogue may have been overlooked. Some websites are modest in hiding their link amongst long lists of other resources. This is especially true wherever the website is primarily the entire spectrum of all the County’s services. In general it is preferable to be able to contact the CRO than A2A, though consulting both is a good idea.

Bedfordshire & Luton Archives & Records Service Online



47% of records online. "We aim to get all the lists on the database by 2013. We have about 65,000 pages of paper catalogues indexed by names, places and subject. This is an extensive and intricate subject index with over a thousand web pages devoted to such things as an online database of prisoners in Bedford Gaol and our Community Archives Project, with the aim to put local history of 200+ communities online. We started by doing 5 or 6 pages per community but quickly re-estimated a range of 200-300 pages. Clifton, e.g. was done a few years ago in the abbreviated type, others like Heath are more expanded. This will take 15 yrs."

Berkshire Record Office A2A


"Many of our catalogues are available online through the A2A website. On our own website we have handlists of parish registers and non-conformist registers but no actual catalogues as yet. Please see our website for details."

Centre for Buckingham Studies Online


20,000 photographs of village scenes in villages from Addington (15 photos) to Wraysbury (64 photos) Also 15,000 images of High Wycombe and surrounding villages and towns.

Cambridgeshire CRO Online


Cambridgeshire and Huntingdonshire Archives use the CALM 7.2 document management software for archives. Our online searchable database contains over 150,000 catalogue entries, including all parish records held in Cambridgeshire and Huntingdonshire Archives. There are over 100,000 records of parishes, enclosures. people and places. One record for Borough Charters (Godmanchester); 5,027 items of Probate Inventories: 6 results for County Maps.

Cheshire Online


Intricate cross reference system (to Genuki, A2A) Census (Family Search) Parish registers (GROS) etc. Excellent "Picture Cheshire" collection.

Cornwall CRO Online


Research and document copy service is available online.Tithes project is on CD e.g. Tithe Awards 28 records including parishes of St.Germain, Duloe, Colan "The catalogue is still under development, so not all our records are included at present."

Cumbria (Barrow, Carlisle and Kendal ) Archives Online


Search Probate inventories: 15 results 1396-1892. Titles, details,accession nos. "Our online (CASCAT Cumbria Archive Service Catalogue) provides details of many of our holdings at our four offices in Barrow, Carlisle, Kendal and Whitehaven. See "About the Catalogues" page. “Catalogues currently on the A2A web site will gradually be added to our online catalogue." For full information on our holdings you should therefore search both online catalogue and the A2A web site."

Devon , N.Devon,Plymouth & W.Devon Record Offices A2A


A useful list of the classes of documents submitted to A2A: Online, a list of parish and non-parochial records gives by alphabetical search the date ranges of christening, marriage and burials, with Ref.nos.

Dorset History Centre Online


"We receive a large number of enquiries from people who have found documents on our online catalogue and an unscientific sample suggests that they find it easier to use than A2A where many of our catalogues are also available."

Durham County Record Office Online


A simple and effective Search process, leads to titles,dates and reference nos. No original texts but full book lists from the Reference Library. On documentary background anywhere an essential guide to, e.g. Inventories

Essex County Record Office Online


Excellent detail on Tithe Awards by parish. First rate SEAX search system available by Reader's Ticket or as Guest. Effective hits on easy search instructions. See e.g: Springfield Tithe Map 1842 with facsimile of original Map.

Gloucestershire County Record Office Online


Two Catalogues: Archives on Line and LOCATE (Local studies material from seven sites across Gloucestershire)

Hampshire County Record Office A2A


"Currently not retrieving some records and not receiving all data in others"

Herefordshire County Record Office A2A


Search for Weobley parish finds 353 entries; Enclosures 129 results, probate inventories 31; 1,604 manorial records.

Hertfordshire County Redord Office A2A


“You are correct in assuming that it is not currently possible to view the catalogues of Herts.CRO on the Herts District website. However, it is possible to view some on A2A” Search for Parish records finds 13,837 entries; Turnpike Trusts 393 files. 41 records for Census; 3737 for Schools.

Huntingdonshire Record Office. (See also Cambridgeshire)


"We run two archives search rooms, one in Cambridge and the other in Huntingdon. Each archive stores millions of historical documents and makes them available to the public in supervised search rooms."

Isle of Wight A2A


“This Office does not have a large number of catalogues on our own website, but links are available to our catalogues on the A2A website. There are catalogues available for Business, Court, Estate, and Hospital, We are currently in the process of revising our own website in order to improve navigation and increase resources available. At present there are links via the “Types of Record” sidebar to Parish Registers”

Kent Archives Service “We do have a portion of our cataogues on-line at: -”


Includes: Kent : Centre for Kentish Studies


East Kent Archives Centre


Canterbury Cathedral Archives


Online Lists of each site's Collections. Requires Adobe Reader; offers alphabetical lists of Titles, Dates and Ref.Nos. Collections include, e.g: Faversham Borough Records 1258-1976 CKS- Fa 216 Manorial records and 30 maps, tracings, tithe maps etc: Bexley, Bromley Strood, Tenterden etc. Bastardy Bond 1814 EK-H-U71; Gas Supply in Thanet 1926-27 EK-U147 Manorial Court Roll for Wenstone, Eastry 1496-1510 EK-U105 Chilham Castle Records: 1715-c 1930 CCA - U232 This is a complicated set of Archives, intricately inter-connected.

Lancashire County Record Office Online


LANCAT has over 77,000 catalogues online. Work on the online catalogue is ongoing. Search for Enclosure lists 123 villages e.g. Ashton-under-Lyn 1841,

Greater Manchester Record Office Online


Complicated download by Adobe Reader. (10 minutes delay) Most collections appear to be modern, 19th-20th centuries. See however, Estate Papers Catalogues Haworth Family of Tottington, manorial court rolls from 1547. Fascinating search engine by page and specific references e.g. "manor court rolls": all references listed by date.

Liverpool Record Office A2A


Search e.g: Turnpikes finds 6 records of Prescot road Acts 1726, 1746, 51 manorial records, each multiple volumes. 3-step references down to full description and detail of e.g. West Derby Halimote Court Rolls 1453+ Online catalogues in preparation. "Here is a link to our website. It is hidden within the City Council's website under the heading of Leisure and Culture, then Libraries. The Mersyside Record Office shares premises with Liverpool Record Office and their archives are both available on the same site.

Leicestershire Record Office Online



"Only certain records entered so far" but several useful lists, e.g: 133 records of tithes with 2-step search in detail: Woodhouse and Woodthorpe Correspondence re common right, tithes and encroachments on Charnwood

Lincolnshire Archives Online


Catalogues difficult to find amongst County Council notices, but well worth the effort. See database of 2,000 transported criminals 1788-1868 and Index to Consistory Court wills, 1701-1800. Has a summary of A2A

London / Middlesex Online The National Archives, Kew


"A thousand years of government information, from parchment to website." Find out about - Your family history - Military history. Medieval Gascon Rolls (1317-1428) of the Hundred Years War to go online in three years. Useful A to Z Index of the website, access to Census Records. Consult PROCAT for access to 10,000,000 national records

Norfolk County Record Office Online


NORCAT contains catalogues not available on A2A. NOAH adds choices Norfolk Online Access to Heritage: Inventories 1754-1774 (ANF 11/5) Search for Norwich Books & Directories produces remarkable facsimiles cover-to-cover pages. Also Maps and Aerial photographs, Collections with images. Superb searches.

Northamptonshire CRO A2A


"We do have some catalogues available online with "Access to Archives". These include all the Northants Union Workhouse catalogues and some landed families' collections. We are in the process of making our catalogues in general, including parish records available online, to be completed this year" - 2009

Northumberland Record Office now the Study area of: Online of Woodhorn Colliery Museum


Avoid colourful "Woodhorn Collection"; instead seek "Northumberland Collecttions Service." An excellent site for alphabetical search by place and topic. "Amble" for eaxmple includes facsimiles of Vicarage in 1875 (six plans), Tithe Map facsimile, Co-op History. Some extensive offprints: Morpeth County Asylum 1850-1879 500 names Only a selection so far on line; work in progress

Nottinghamshire Archives A2A


Nottingham 's Catalogues are difficult to find amongst the Bed & Breakfasts, 5-day weather forecast, Railway Station etc. A2A offers e.g: 111 sets of manorial records from 1469-2002 with a survey of the Manor of Bingham in 1586. Search "Bonington" for 209 entries (titles only) e.g: 26 Alehouse keepers 1822-26, Parish Registers 1560-1900 three articles by W.E.Tate 1930 (Place-names and lists of of fields. Enclosure Maps and Awards 1775. Excellent cover, no texts. Click serial number for full details of each catalogue entry.

Oxfordshire County Record Office Online


Online records do not include texts of the documents listed This online catalogue is difficult to find. "We do have some of our collections listed online at: www.oxfordshire.gov.uk Link on the left of the front page to Museums and Culture, the Heritage search."

Shropshire County Record Office A2A


Search for "Enclosures" finds 115 entries; seeking by place-name "Clun" finds 3,353 items; "Clun Tithes" gives two entries leading to Catalogue details. "Probate inventories" one item: George Scrivener 1717 and Edw.Burgess 1712.

Somerset Record Office Online


Simple entry and search system: "Radstock" 611 items, "Coleford" 199, "Tithes" 43 "Markets and Fairs" from 1291; "Bishops Lydeard" 979 items from 1291. "Lay Subsidy Rolls" finds 6 entries, including L.S.R. for Somerset 1524-1527. The best way to search for a parish (e.g. Radstock) is to find its Reference Code (D/P/rads) from “Help” and insert it in the RefNo field, adding any document (e.g. Tithes) in “Any Text.” "The vast majority of our catalogued records are on our online catalogue.The entries in A2A contain exactly the same information as we have in our own catalogues; the difference is mainly that A2A shows you details of the entire collection that one document comes from rather than just the individual document itself."

Staffordshire County Record Office Online


"Gateway to the Past" catalogue contains over 80% of catalogues, steadily increasing. A massive survey of Staffordshire and Stoke on Trent Record Services and William Salt Library."Dudley" finds 1,59 items, Wolverhampton 4,296, Tithes 109, Canals 302, Enclosures 115, parish Records 393; Maps 5,119, Census 295. Occasional pictures and facsimiles but mainly catalogue details

Suffolk County Record Office A2A Bury St. Edmunds Branch Ipswich Branch Lowestoft Branch


All Branches' Catalogues are accessible separately Enclosures 373 results Tithe Maps 9,561. Entries for Nettlecombe 410; Withycombe 796; Selworth 2; Tintinhull 316; Wiveliscombe 796; West Monkton 3080. "Like most record offices we have content on the now inactive A2A website. Similarly, some of our records with attached images, have been available on a partnership website, East of England Sense of Place EESOP. These can be found in: http:www.senseofplacesuffolk.co.uk. However this is also now inactive. We are intending to launch an online catalogue later this year, part of a portal site Suffolk Heritage Direct."

Surrey History Centre Online


"Experiencing problems (January 2009) Useful "Archive and Research Guide" lists details of Census Returns, Maps and Awards, History of your house, Manorial records,Tithe maps, Surrey Newspapers back issues Wills and probate records, with facsimiles. No copies or lists of names with each document, background only.

Sussex (East) Record Office A2A


" East Sussex does not provide a unified county wide local studies service such as West Sussex CC does. Instead, the individual libraries each hold collections for their particular areas (e.g: Lewes, Eastbourne, Bexhill and Hastings ….. Not aware that details of their holdings are available online. … 80% of the lists of our holdings are available on the A2A website."

Sussex (West) Record Office Online


This CRO was placed in the top 10% in England and Wales. An impressive, very responsive search system. Lists “most of the material held in the Record Office, updated weekly.” See, for example 69 entries for “Probate Inventories for Storrington (analysed on a database) Sixteen shopkeepers from 1632-1769, West Sussex 1521-1834, Ashington, Northchapel, Clapham, Kingston, East Preston etc. Some difficulty in final stage “To see the entire catalogue entry may take several minutes.” Also “Click on the image where there is one” Could not find one but several “Error” responses.

Warwickshire County Record Office Online


"Warwickshire Past Unlocked” is an online catalogue which lists many of the originals held at WCRO The online catalogue does not contain any digital images. See also The Victuallers database which contains details of licensed victuallers in Warwickshire from 1801-1828. The Tithe Apportionment database contains information from Warwickshire tithe apportionments produced after the Tithe Commutaion Act of 1836. The Calendars of Prisoners database is an index to the lists of those held in the County Prisons of Warwick, Birmingham and Coventry for trial at the Courts of Assize and the Quarter Sessions courts held in Warwick between 1899 and 1900.”Windows on Warwickshire” is a searchable database historic photographs and other items held at Warwickshire museums, archives and libraries. The A2A database contains searchable catalogues of a numer of Warwickshire collections, including those of landed estates, businesses, Hospitals, schools and churches.

Westmorland (Kendal) Record Office Online


The Cumbrian Archive Service Catalogue (CASCAT) "provides details of many of our holdings at our four offices in Barrow, Carlisle, Kendal and Whitehaven. Catalogues of archives held by the Cumbria RO s currently on A2A will gradually be added to our online catalogue. For full information on our holdings you should therefore search both our online catalogue (excellent search process) and the A2A website."

Wiltshire and Swindon Record Office A2A


" As with most county archives and record offices in the country we have a very extensive catalogue available online through A2A. Since the A2A project finished last year we have since begun our own online catalogue from scratch. We also have a few specialist catalogues online for various collections such as wills.

Worcestershire Library & History Centre A2A


"We have been working towards an online Catalogue for several years an had been intending to make it available last year (2008). Technical problems have delayed the project but we very much hope to launch it later this year, trialling it now. It will not include catalogues already available on A2A which comprise our major family and solicitors' deposits and our ecclesiastical deposits (C.E., Diocesan,parish and nonconformist.)

West Yorkshire Archives Service A2A



West Yorkshire website cites: Access to Archives (A2A) Manorial Documents Register (MDR), National Register of Archives (NRA), Hosprec Database (Hospital Records, and Archives Hub (Archives in Higher Education.)

East Yorkshire Archives Service Online



East Yorkshire Archives Service Online



A maze of Council services which conceals the Archives. Try the second website listed "The East Riding of Yorkshire and Local Studies Service which has a comprehensive online catalogue for the archive collections. The Book collection will be added but currently is partially available through the Library catalogue.

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