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Utmost acknowledgments and heartfelt thanks are due to my good friend Meg Dixon who, as  meticulous Editor of my original text, skilfully created this website from it. For me, this is the 21st Century meaning of  “The End of the Book.”  Thank you Meg.

Thanks also are due to many patient archivists who continually enlightened a post-IT searcher. It was encouraging to find that these modern professionals found no dichotomy between book and web and their good advice has been essential to an amateur.

These are only a few of them:

Sue Edwards and Martin Deacon (Bedfordshire)  

Ivone Turnbull (Berkshire)  

Robert Ryland (Birmingham Reference Library)  

Margaret O’Sullian (Derbyshire)  

Mark Forrest (Dorset)  

Carol Futers, C.M Russell (Hertfordshire)  

Simon Dear (Isle of Wight)  

Carys Russell (East Kent)  

Evelyn Cornell (University of Leicester)

Ruth Hobbins (Liverpool)

Chris Smith (Northamptonshire)

Sue Wood, Carole Scott, Keith Gilroy, Gemma Sweeney and Paul Ternent (Northumberland)

Chris Hawkins (Oxfordshire)

Jane de Gruchy (Somerset)

Stuart Tyler (Suffolk) Philip Bye (East Sussex)

Ben Daubney (Wiltshire)

Elizabeth Howard (Worcestershire)

Ian Mason, Mrs.H. Clark (Yorkshire, E>Riding)

Kevin Mulley, Alex Ritchie (National Archives)  

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