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Links to the various record offices can be found in the appendix.

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Bristol and Avon Family History Society

WEBSITE: www.bafhs.org.uk

CONTACT: Dave Napier e-mail


Hungerford Historical

WEBSITE: www.hungerfordvirtualmuseum.co.uk/

CONTACT: Hugh Pihlens  e-mail


Northumberland (Woodhorn) Collections

WEBSITE: http://www.northumberland.gov.uk/collections

CONTACT: Sue Wood e-mail


Biggleswade History Society

WEBSITE: http://www.biggleswadehistory.org.uk/

CONTACT: Mike Strange e-mail


Sherington (Buckinghamshire) Historical Society 

WEBSITE: http://www.mkheritage.co.uk/shhs/

CONTACT: Ian Collinge e-mail


Worcestershire Record Office

WEBSITE: http://worcestershire.whub.org.uk/home/wccindex/wcc-records.htm

CONTACT: Elizabeth Ball


Gloucestershire Local Hisory Committee

WEBSITE: http://gloshistory.org.uk

CONTACT: Dr. Ray Wilson e-mail


Cheshire Local History Committee

WEBSITE: www.cheshirehistory.org.uk

CONTACT: Tony Bostock e-mail


Cumbria Family History Society

WEBSITE: http://cumbriafhs.com

CONTACT: John Steel e-mail


Devon History Society

WEBSITE: www.devonhistorysociety.org.uk

CONTACT: Sadru Bhanji email


Nottinghamshire Local History Association

WEBSITE: http://www.local-history.co.uk

CONTACT: Susan Griffiths email


St Cuthbert's Church History

WEBSITE: http://stcuthbertsonline.com/hist.htm


Sussex Family History Group

WEBSITE: hhtp://www.sfhg.org.uk

CONTACT: Alan Stoner email


Hexham Local History Society

WEBSITE: http://www.northumberlandlife.org/hexham-local-history-society

CONTACT: Greg Finch email


Somerset Record Office

WEBSITE: http://www.somerset.gov.uk

CONTACT: Jane de Gruchy  email


Staffordshire Archaeological and Historical Society

WEBSITE: http://www.sahs.uk.net

CONTACT: James Debney  email


The Black Country Society

Shropshire Family History Society

WEBSITE: http://www.sfhs.org.uk

CONTACT: Mr Graham Williams  email


Chaddesley Corbett Local History Society

WEBSITE: http://www.chaddesleycorbett.co.uk

CONTACT: Harry Grove email